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After your students graduate, Merit keeps you connected to their college experience and shows your high school what it means for your alumni to venture out into the world.
With Merit, you know what it means for your alumni.
Hundreds of colleges use Merit to tell meaningful stories about their students. Your high school's free Merit account lets you see and share these stories to help you discover what your alumni are achieving.
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Eddie graduates from your high school

You've prepared him well, and now he's off to college. How will you know what happens next? Merit will keep you connected to Eddie's journey, and the journey of many of your graduates. Colleges use Merit to connect you to Eddie's experience and story on campus.

We're thrilled to receive Merit updates about our alumni. Having the ability to follow and promote the accomplishments of our students is invaluable. It further demonstrates our school's role in the accomplishments of our current students and alumni.
Glenn Haven, Principal
Glenn haven
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Eddie begins his college journey

When Eddie enrolls as a freshman, his college creates a Merit page for him. Each time the institution updates Eddie's page with achievements, Merit delivers those updates to your high school via email and a free Merit account that lets you view not just Eddie's experience, but the experience of any of your alumni attending hundreds of colleges using Merit.

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Eddie makes his mark on campus

Eddie is thriving at college, which you can see from his Merit page updates. His college updates you when Eddie presents research at a symposium, joins the tennis team, and is named to student government. You can share Eddie's success stories on your high school's website or social media accounts and demonstrate your role in his success.

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Eddie's experience goes beyond campus

You didn't realize Eddie's college had array of experiential learning opportunities until you see via Merit that Eddie spent a semester in Jamaica and completed an internship with a non-profit. All while making the dean's list!

Seeing Eddie's experience helps you understand the opportunities available at his college, so you can advise any of your current students who might also be a fit for the institution.

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Eddie graduates and gets hired!

Eddie made it! Your alumnus is now a college graduate, too. Eddie can continue to update his Merit page with work experience. You can continue to see what he's up to and share his story with your high school community as one example of success.

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With Merit, you can know what it means for your alumni to achieve and excel. It's free for high schools to see and share stories from hundreds of colleges about the experiences of your alumni.

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